Saturday 8/10/2019

Loco Announcment:

Level Method Assessments 101:

A) Clean and Jerk

In 15 Minutes

Build to Heavy

Power Clean + Hang Clean + 2 Jerks

B)  Mirage


Clean & Jerks 115/85


400m Run


Strategy & Briefing

The combination of movements in this Breathe & Burn workout will be quite challenging, but the descending reps makes it doable. Stay focused on technique & NOT rushing first round — this will help out deeper into the workout. Hit quick singles on the Clean & Jerks — going unbroken will tax the grip and hamper your ability to do Bar MUs. Break up Bar MUs as needed to keep on pace. Avoid failure in the first two rounds. Keep runs at a steady pace in the first two rounds so you can start the C&J’s right away. Breathing should remain consistent throughout, and in rhythm with the movement. Take advantage of any breaks by taking deep breaths.

Workout Goal:  <10:00

Levels Considerations: Weightlifting, Upper Body Pull


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