Saturday 8/3/2019

Loco Announcement:

Alright you turkeys (that’s a bowling joke)!!

We’re getting out of this heat and into something neat – The Alley downtown is family friendly and a place a Dude can simply abide.
(another bowling joke?)

School is back in session! Let’s celebrate surviving the first week by schooling all others in The Alley with our hip thrusty grandma rollin mad bowling skills! *knees out, chest up, arms straight*

Family & Friends are welcome!!

“f*#% it Dude, let’s go bowling.” – Walter Sobchak

A) 25 min AMRAP

OH Squats (115/85)
200m Run After each Round (partners run together)

Workout Goal: Round of 30+

Strategy & Briefing
Partner workouts are the most fun, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. Smooth Overhead Squats will require planning & pacing. Break these up into manageable sets, not too small. The smaller the sets, the more overhead pressing. The Pullups can be broken up, to keep things moving — even singles or very small sets. Keep the runs consistent & steady to somewhat recover before the next Overhead Squats. Keep pacing conservative at the beginning to compensate for the increasing volume in the later rounds. Don’t burn out in the set of 10, with 20 minutes still left in the workout.


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