Saturday 9/28/2019



Grab your favorite four-legger and join us tomorrow for a woofin’ good time at our first every Loco Doggo Extravaganza! We’ll be at the dog park at Riverfront Park at 4 pm until 5:30ish, then we can plan to head for a brew afterwards if we’re feeling it!  See you and your pup there!


Saturday WOD

A.) Thruster Practice

Level Consideration: Front Squat


B.) “Chum Bucket”

28 min AMRAP, Alternate Full Rounds with a Partner, 5-10-15-25

  1. Thrusters 95/65
  2. Sled Push 30m, add 30m after each set

Workout Goal: 30+

Level Consideration: Front Squat, Lactic Tolerance

Strategy and Briefing: The Breathe & Burn workout today will feel much like an Open workout.  Focus on breathing right from the start. The combination of Thrusters & Rowing can be devastating to the lungs if the breathing doesn’t keep up.  Move smooth through the thrusters, keeping them unbroken only through the first 2 sets. Break them up at the set of 15. This set is doable unbroken, but the length of the workout is a confounding factor. Keep the rowing pace consistent right from the start, even on the round of 5. Start the next round of Thrusters as soon as you get off the rower.


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