Shayde Nofziger




“I think the biggest thing the nutrition program does for me is that it gives me options, and lots of flexibility in my diet. I like the approach of focusing on the “big picture” of macronutrients, and being able to choose foods and ingredients that I like to eat/want to try instead of following some strict food plan. And I think it’s that flexibility that encourages me to try new things.

My goal throughout this program has been to eat healthier and try more vegetables. I’ll admit – it’s been a struggle, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of cheat days. But the encouragement I get from you as a coach, and new friends at the gym, has helped push me to keep going and not give up.

For about 7 years from high school to college, I had a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. My diet was the one thing I felt I had complete control over in my life, so I obsessed over it. Once I worked through that and got healthier though, I shied away from trying new things and eating healthy – instead, I reverted to comfort foods I knew and loved from childhood. I was afraid to branch out and try new things, or make big changes to my diet for fear of falling back to my old ways. But I think that this program, and the community at the gym as a whole, has helped me feel more willing to break out of my comfort zone and try new things.

I see it with the nutrition program – trying tons of new foods, mixing ingredients I would profusely decline just months ago. I see it at the gym – I get excited to grab a barbell and lift weights and work up a sweat. I actually smile now when I look at myself in the mirror because of the increased confidence I’ve gotten from putting myself out there and trying new and exciting things that previously made me so uncomfortable.

So yeah. I know you said this could be short, and I kind of rambled. But with all the change that’s been going on in my life recently, I can say the nutrition program (and Loco as a whole) has been the most positive experience. When I started, I never felt more vulnerable – the embarrassment of being a picky eater has always shattered my self-confidence. The program and your encouragement has helped me feel better about myself, and has given me the resources I need to transition to a healthier, more enjoyable relationship with food.” -Shayde


We are SO proud of you Shayde and all that you’ve accomplished! Keep it up dude and the sky’s the limit!

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