Simply Show Up to Get After The Pull-up

Row then Pull-up then Pull-Over then Muscle-up….follow the Progression!

The Pull-up is one of those ultimate benchmarks for strength, everyone wishes they could pull themselves up on a bar, but most can’t… least not yet!

The problem is they simply stop trying. 

Really! That’s it. The body will listen to what you demand of it!

This course is designed with YOU in mind.

I want YOU to get a pull-up in 6 weeks!

Not a chance you say?

Well, how much progress can we make in such a seemingly small amount of time?


Worst case, you’ll be better than where you currently are and you’ll actually know the steps you need to take to make that Pull-up come true!

Got Pull-up? NICE. Let’s get you Muscle-ups in 6 weeks.

Got Muscle-ups? NICE. Let’s get you Strict Muscle-ups in 6 weeks!

My intention is to guide you on your progress. It’s completely unique to you and….

It NEVER ENDS. Do you really want it to?! You simply are able to do more!

The adaptation principle we are using extensively in this course is what is called SAID and stands for Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands!

It’s one of the most tried and proven principles behind Exercise Science!

Here’s what it means in relation to our Gymnastics Course:

  • Specific – The body responds to what you do CONSISTENTLY.
    • Our goal in this course is to perform MANY consistent repetitions to get better at:
      • Pull-ups
      • Muscle-ups
      • Push-ups
      • Handstands
      • Handstand Push-ups
      • Jumping
        • Jumping Rope
        • Box Jumps
        • Burpees
  • Adaptation – We’re trying to literally create our own applications; download them; then learn the correct way to use those applications….kind of like Neo in the Matrix!
    • We meet TWICE (just twice!) a week to keep the momentum going!
    • This allows for the much needed RECOVERY between the Gymnastics sessions, regardless if you ‘feel’ sore or not!
    • Keep going about your life! Just come for an hour in the Afternoon for 6 weeks and put the work in! THAT’S IT!
  • Imposed – Take advantage by demanding attention or commitment!
    • We will Focus on our Focus to intentionally get better.
    • You’ll learn to literally focus on what you want to do during the movements listed above.
    • We want to be VERY aware of every little thing we do during our movement!
      • This will be why we have FOCUS GOALS during every set!
      • We want to get better at exactly what we want to get better at!
  • Demands – Effort. Simple, not easy. Consistent, intentional, unyielding effort.
    • We must physically demand that our body’s perform the repetitions in a manner dictated by the technique available THAT DAY.
    • We must be patient and throw out expectations because everyday is different!
    • The secret really is the simplest demand of all – To Simply and Consistently SHOW UP.

Imagine – You did one pull-up everyday for the rest of your life – what would your life look like. How about a Muscle-up? THEN a strict one? How would that feel?

Be your own butterfly effect

I will literally stack your dominos!

All you need to do is SHOW UP and focus on the task in front of you.

Every time we meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays that task will slightly change.

The direction is simply intended to knock over the first domino 🙂

Let’s make impossible into YOUR new standard!

Click here to find out more and join our 6 week course starting Tuesday July 17th!

No-one can stop you from accomplishing goals except you!

Experience isn’t needed….ONLY AN AWESOME ATTITUDE!

Let’s utilize teamwork to make that dream work!


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