Social(ly Distant) Events for April and IMPORTANT COVID Updates

Our mission right now is to help our members do three things:

  1. Establish a new routine
  2. Give them a way to stay connected to friends and community
  3. And of course, to keep them fit and healthy

Here’s a little info on where Loco is right now (skip to the calendar to see the events planned for April):

We’re entering the fourth week of delivering our coaching virtually.

We had a 94.3% retention rate in our transition to online, which is absolutely incredible. Many gyms are already closed permanently because their members didn’t trust them to deliver an amazing service online (or because the owners were to stubborn to pivot).

Our member’s support means the world to us, and we’re going to deliver an insane amount of value to them in the coming month. We’re not taking their decision to stay with us as charity. Instead it’s a chance to wow all of them (and you) on what we’re able to do given our new operating constraints.

The LocoFam (what we call our membership) has clearly made the statement that ‘People like us support one another in times like this’. Time and again someone has asked for help in our private members group and an army showed up to offer a hand. We have finished building a busted fence, rebuilt a deck, and even found a mask for a member’s daughter who is a nurse battling this thing on the front lines.

The bonds that hold the LocoFam together are strong and they’re only going to get stronger. Shared suffering is the key to creating tight knit relationships, it’s how the military forges bonds that can’t be broken. And we’re all suffering in one way or another right now.

In line with our current mission, we’ve put together a tentative schedule of events for April. We will more than likely add things as we go, but this is a great place to start.

These events should help with the first two things on our mission list; Creating some structure, and helping to give our members some human connection. Every member also gets a call or text from a coach EVERY DAY to deliver great fitness, nutrition, mindset, and recovery coaching.

Here’s a brief description of each event:

  • Game Night with the Cohens (members only): This will be a ridiculous conglomeration of trivia, pictionary, charades, and wine.
  • Bob Ross Paint Night (members only): Emma will be leading a ‘paint by the numbers’ video a la Bob Ross. I told her if there weren’t happy trees I was out.
  • Ask The Expert (Open to the Public): A couple times a month we’re bringing in subject matter experts. This time Coach Tina (a Pharm D. by day) will be answering questions about meds/supps.
  • Cooking with Christy (members only): An interactive cooking/comedy show that finishes with dinner in your face.
  • Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes (open to the public): A webinar on the five biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight
  • Book Club (members only): We’ll be reading a book (TBD) over April and getting together with our own mini Charcuterie boards (is it really a book club without charcuterie?) ot discuss.
  • Business Owners Coffee (members only): Loco has a lot of entrepreneurs and times are tough right now. This may turn into your new favorite support group (plus a lot of useful stuff)
  • Coffee with the Crew (members only) : A hangout session to chat with someone other than your cat.
  • Happy Hour (members only) : Grab a drink and kick it with the LocoFam.
  • Mobility with Jay (members only) : Get out your yoga mats and foam rollers and work out that text neck.
  • Yoga with Beth (members only) : Get you flow on!
  • At Home PE (Open to the Public): Kids PE classes to get the minis moving and give you a break.

This week work on settling in to a new routine. Use these events to create some structure. We’re going to be in this fight for a while and you can’t burn out in the early rounds. Come up with a plan and stick to it.

If you need some structure and accountability we’re opening up a few spots at a time for new members. Our priority right now is taking care of our current members, but now that our transition to online is complete we have the bandwidth to add a couple new people at a time.

To apply for a spot click this link to book an intro appointment.

-Coach Jay


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