How to Start Strength Training Part 3- A Free Template

In part 1 we talked about why strength training is necessary-  to keep you out of the nursing home and make everyday tasks like yard work or playing with your kids less draining and more fun.

In part 2 we talked about the linear progression and the physiological changes that occur in your body throughout the program.

Now it’s time to use that knowledge to TAKE ACTION.  Talking about getting stronger is a great first step, but doing the work is what matters most.  I’m betting you’re interested in getting stronger, but you’re just not sure where to start.  Enter our free 12 Week Strength Training Template.

This 12 week template uses 3 movements, the squat, shoulder press, and deadlift, to dramatically increase your strength.  The template tells you how to choose a starting weight (whether you know your 1 repetition maxes or not), how often to perform each lift, the number of sets and reps to complete, and AUTOMAGICALLY tells you what weight to use each week.  It even tells you what to do in case you miss a lift.

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I’m ready to get STRONGER.


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