“Strength TRAIN” Week Program Example

Below is a sample of one week’s worth of programming for our brand new strength-only group class, “Strength TRAIN”:

Day 1:

A – 5×5 Back Squat

3 Sets:

B1 – 50 Hamstring Curls

B2 – 25 Single-leg Calf Extensions (per side)

5 Sets:

C – 100m Sled Sprint, rest until 80% recovered

Day 2:

A – Every 4 Minutes for 7 Rounds: 

2 Push Press with :07s Pause at Top
10 Lateral MB Throws (per side)

B – 5x200m Farmers Carry (as heavy as possible), rest as needed

Day 3:

A – 3×8 Barbell Reverse Lunge + Box Step-up (per side)

B – 3×20 Banded Sissy Squat

C – For 15:00, :20s Work/:40s Rest:

– Tire Flip

– High Tire/Box Jump

– Overhead MB Throw

Day 4:

A – 8×3 Weighted Pull-up

4 Sets:

B1 – 25 Lat Pull-down

B2 – 10 Barbell Wrist Curl

C – 10 Rounds:

:12s Bodyweight Sled Push

*Rest 1:30 b/w Rounds

Day 5:

A – Every 1:00 Minute for 20:00:

2 Stone to Shoulder

5 Floor Press

B – Accumulate 150 Tough Tricep Extensions

*Each break, hold the top of a dip for :15s

C – Core Tabata (:20s Work / :10s Rest)

– Plank

– Hollow Hold

– Side Plank

– V-up


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