Summer Is Coming…and I need no equipment workouts!

Summer is here! For some, that means more travel, busier days at the beach and sometimes the need to do workouts without equipment. How about a workout ON the beach? Or maybe you just want to stay home and do something in the air conditioning!

What can you do when you don’t have access to a barbell, kettlebell or gym? The good news is that there’s plenty of no equipment workouts you can still do!

1. The most obvious choice, and something I incorporate into most of my workouts when I’m traveling, is the air squat. I have even incorporated a press with my arms to do a thruster-like movement. You can also do jumping
squats or single leg squats (pistols)…the possibilities are endless.

2. Of course there is always the burpee. I’ve created a challenge for myself that once or twice per year, I complete 100 burpees for time. When I don’t have equipment, I often decide to do this benchmark.

3. Push-ups are a weakness of mine. So when my only options are body weight movements, it’s a great time to work on this weakness. I often use park benches, dressers or chairs to do elevated push-ups!

4. Sit-ups are a good old standby for body weight movements. They get my heart rate up and I can do them anywhere!

5. Build up that booty with some walking lunges! This is a sure fire way for me to be sore the next day, but sometimes that’s ok!

6. Don’t forget to get in some accessory work with some planks and side planks. I often use these no equipment days as an opportunity to complete movements I don’t do often.

If I had to pick between planks and a barbell, the barbell wins every time. That doesn’t mean it’s what SHOULD happen, so it’s nice to be “forced” to do some accessory work.

Next time you are away from the gym or enjoying your day at the pool or beach, do a workout with these movements! If you’re curious about different rep schemes or time frames, ask a coach! It’s why we are here!


Written by: Courtney Marino, May 2019


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