Ten Reasons Why CrossFit is for Women

Every day, real women like you are going to constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement CrossFit classes.

Here are 10 reasons why you should try it too:

1. You can start today.

Everything can be modified to meet your fitness level, no matter where that is on the spectrum of fitness.  Whether you just had a baby, you just ran a marathon or you just celebrated your 80th birthday.  CrossFit brings the movement to your level of ability – you do what you are capable of, focusing on form first and that is what makes you better. Then you can do more.

2. You will be coached on proper form – always.

As a matter of fact, before you begin group CrossFit classes, you go through a Foundations Course that teaches the mechanics of the basic movements so you go in feeling safe, confident and ready to work.  Each class includes an in-depth review of  the movements included in the day’s workout too.

3.The benefits of personal training without the one-on-one cost.

CrossFit is an investment in your health, to be sure, and you get what you pay for. Group CrossFit Classes are kept small and are led by knowledgeable coaches that are trained to watch each athletes movements and provide helpful feedback or answer any questions.  Coaches work with each athlete individually to set personal goals and achieve them.  You receive the attention to detail you would in a personal training session for the cost of a group class.

4. It’s a huge time-saver!

If you want to use your time wisely and get the most out of your workout, CrossFit is the answer. In one hour you will complete a warm-up that is designed specifically for the workout that day, you will get in some mobility -something important that most of us skip – you will learn or review the points of performance for each movement used in the workout that day and finally you will get a great sweat in.  You will test yourself physically and mentally while training your brain and body – all in under an hour.

5. Boring? Never. 

CrossFit is constantly varied.  Each day presents a new combination of movements and intensity.  You will learn something new every single time you go to class – even if you have been an athlete for years!

6. Measurable Results

Because you are consistently stimulated you will find yourself consistently going to workout.  Consistency is key to results – results that have nothing to do with the scale.  Athletes record their times and weights, results from their workout into an app or notebook and refer back regularly to see, in black and white, how they have improved.  Maybe they ran further than they ever have, or faster than the last time.  Maybe they were able to lift 10 pounds more on a dead lift than they could last month. Or maybe they went in for a check-up and their bones are denser, their cholesterol is lower and blood sugar levels are perfect.

7. Of course you will look better too!!

Fighting off disease and living a long, active life is a HUGE benefit of CrossFit – that doesn’t take away from the awesome feeling of slipping into a smaller size jeans or looking your best on the beach this summer.  Aesthetics aren’t the primary goal of CrossFit – they are a majorly awesome perk.                                                              *For anyone watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN and thinking to themselves – “I don’t want to get bulky!” – Don’t worry – those elite athletes have dedicated hours a day for years to look and perform they way they do. 90% of the world will never look like them!*

8. CrossFit is Functional Fitness

What does that mean?  It means that after a couple of months of training, everyday challenges will be easier.   Lugging your quickly growing kids about, the grocery bag challenge, loading the 40lb bag of dog food into the cart, pulling down that heavy crate from the attic, sprinting to catch your flight – with your luggage! …I could go on and on.  Short sprints, moving awkward objects, lifting heavy things off the ground – CrossFit training is, in many ways, training for everyday life.

9. Community 

Let’s be honest, at some gyms they wouldn’t even know your name if it didn’t pop up when you scanned your barcode to get in. CrossFit gyms are known for their supportive communities.  A safe place you can go to learn and grow alongside others all navigating their own fitness journies.  People at a CrossFit gym will miss you when you are gone, ask you about your family and work, and are going and stick around to cheer you through your tough workouts.

10. You will feel like a Badass.

Each day you train you get a little bit better and you feel it – other’s notice it and damn does it feel good! You will be doing things you may not have known you can do.  You will impress yourself and those watching.  Stay consistent and be a Badass.


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