The Concept of Interval Weight Training (IWT)

We’ve started a new training cycle here at Locomotion Fitness!  This cycle we will be focusing on another way to train for life – learning to control our bodies under fatigue and stress through a concept called Interval Weight Training. 

There are many stressful situations where we still have to focus on our movement quality both to avoid injury and to accomplish the work we need to do.  Think about hiking up a steep trail, driving on the highway through bad weather, or moving heavy boxes or furniture when moving house.  Our central nervous systems are fried from focusing on the task at hand, our bodies are tired, and the neurological signals going to our bodies can get confused!  We still need to be able to control how we move under mental and physical stress to keep ourselves safe, and this will be the purpose of our training.

This addition of Interval Weight Training to our programming cycle will pair aerobic conditioning, like a max effort on a bike or a rower, with a barbell lift, getting us to focus on our movement quality in the lift while fatigued from the effort.

Here is an example, found in last week’s programming for the day: 

“Every 3:00, complete 4 Power Clean SINGLES then immediately perform a 1:00 max effort bike. Any time remaining would be rest.”

The concept of moving or cycling a barbell while under fatigue is a controversial topic within CrossFit, and we recognize that! If the intent of the programming is to move the heaviest weight possible as fast as possible, then naturally that would be a recipe for disaster!  Our focus, however, is on movement QUALITY under duress- learning how to control our bodies and the barbell while tired.  After a tough push of conditioning, we want to take every ounce of focus and control that we have to lift this barbell with as much quality and technique as we can- not as fast as we can! That is why we are focusing on individual barbell singles, not touch and go movement causing us to lose technique. As we work on this and maintain control and capacity under stress, then we can add weight and speed on the barbell to push intensity and adaptation. 

This is just another example of how we want to help you develop the skill of being able to control your body and mind when stressed and fatigued.  It’s an incredible skill to have and will improve your competitive and physical pursuits even outside the gym! Whether you’re surfing a big wave or climbing a mountain in a big storm, you’ll want to do it in the safest, best way possible.


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