The G.R.I.T. Model – Take Control

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are living in a challenging time. A time of social-distancing and an extremely volatile economy. A time for which we cannot yet determine an end. This means that right now, more than ever, we need to acknowledge and rely on specified strategies that can help us take control our mind, body, and emotions. Of the strategies and tactics I, Coach Jay, have encountered in life, I’ve been able to create what I call the G.R.I.T. Model.

If you missed the live webinar from last week that took a full dive into the G.R.I.T. Model, don’t worry! Watch it here:

  • Gratitude. An event is neither good nor bad until YOU decide how to respond.
  • Resilience. There is no “bouncing back” – only forging forward as a different, smarter version of yourself.
  • Integrity. Be a man or woman of character whenever temptation appears.
  • Toughness. Life is HARD and so are the obstacles you’ll face each and every day. Remember that you are responsible for everything in your sphere- own it, then create your plan to move forward.

Forging mental, physical, and emotional strength is KEY, and we believe the strategies we’ve put together within the G.R.I.T. Model can help you survive in each of these areas.

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