The Good Coach

Why should you pay someone to walk around the gym and cheer you through a workout?  YOU SHOULDN’T.

A coach isn’t a cheerleader.  A coach doesn’t tell you what to do and then check his twitter feed as you’re working.  In other words, the goal of a coach isn’t simply to get you sweaty. 

A coach is someone that learns and cares about their clients.  Not only as it relates to their health, but who that person really is- at an emotional level.  What drove this person to want to make a change?  What are their goals?  And most importantly, how can I help them?

A coach sees the big picture.  They guide you towards achieving your goals, even as those goals evolve.  Almost anyone can make you sweat.  Only your coach knows why you’re there to sweat in the first place.

Here’s some things to look for in a good coach:

Caring– A coach cares deeply about their clients. Not just what’s happening in the gym, but what’s happening in their lives.

Knowledgeable– A coach knows his stuff forwards and backwards.  They should be able to help with nutrition, exercise prescription, movement assessment, and motivation. 

Mission– A coach aims to create an environment where training is fun and approachable.  A coach aims to educate their clients on the “whys”.  A coach creates real change for his tribe and focuses on improving their fitness so they can live life to the fullest.

Individual attention– Coaches keep a constant eye on your movement. You should get feedback every step of the way.

Environment– Get away from the daily grind for a while and enjoy yourself.  If training sucks, so will your results.

Nutrition– Nutrition is the base of the wellness period.  Without it, everything you do in the gym will be undermined.  If your coach isn’t helping you with what to eat, she’s not a coach.

Remember, anyone can make you sweat.  Understanding the why is what really matters.

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