The Importance of Skill Session Time

Our mission at Loco is to help you be better at life and our new focus on skill session time in group classes will help you do just that!

How and why, you ask?  

Fitness is not only made up of physiological benefits such as gaining speed, power, and endurance, but it also includes neurological components like agility, accuracy, and balance.  These neurological skills are just as important as the physical skills and require just as much work and attention! 

Life rewards a generalist and punishes a specialist.  You never know what life will throw at you, and you want to be prepared for anything, right? This means it’s not enough just to increase your squat from 100lbs to 200lbs or to run a mile 4 minutes faster; we also need to be able to learn and practice new skills in order to adapt to new situations that may arise.  

Let’s say you can only do a ring row because you haven’t learned a pull up yet or do single unders because you haven’t learned double unders.  You are limiting yourself in terms of your growth and adaptation because you aren’t exposing your body to new situations. If you only ever do ring rows and single unders, you’ll only get better at ring rows and single unders.  You will progress better and faster by exposing your body to new stimuli so you can learn to adapt and grow! 

From a mental standpoint, learning and practicing new skills is also going to prompt us to have a growth mindset– one of Loco’s core values. Growth mindset means accepting being bad at something and believing in your ability to learn it instead. When we’re kids, we are okay with being bad at something because that’s how we learn, and we don’t worry about how we look while doing it.  Learning shouldn’t stop once we become adults, even if we are afraid of looking dumb!  We need to continue to learn, grow, and adapt in life.  These skill sessions will give you an opportunity to be bad at something- get past the fear of looking silly and learn something new together!  

We rolled this out to our coaches last month, so be on the lookout for this additional skill session time in group classes moving forward. 


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