The Intensity Pyramid

We use what I call the “Intensity Pyramid” to explain to our clients how you should prioritize your workouts.

First, you need to learn how to move.  Every movement you perform (in or out of the gym) has certain “points of performance” or best practices that need to be followed so you can move through space as our bodies are intended.  Without knowing proper mechanics, it’s only a matter of time before an injury occurs.

Once we understand our bodies mechanics, we need to move consistently well.  This means you perform a given movement with perfect mechanics EVERY time.  Our end goal is to add intensity (by increasing the load, or by going faster) to our training, but if you don’t move perfectly every time this is a recipe for disaster.

The pinnacle of the pyramid is “Intensity”.  As I just said this means either adding weight, going faster, or both.  It has been proven without a doubt that our bodies adapt faster, get stronger, and respond better to training sessions of shorter duration and higher intensity (think 6-12 minutes of high output).

Without data we only have a subjective measurement; a feeling.  So when we say intensity we don’t mean the touchy feely “man that was INTENSE!”.  Instead, We’ve found a way to measure intensity by scientific means: Power Output.  When I say power I mean the scientific definition of the word: (Force X Distance)/Time.  What are you moving, how much does it weigh, and how far are you moving it?  We can compute this number for every workout we complete.  We’ll talk more about this soon, but it gets really nerdy (I’m a super nerd at heart).  For now just know that it’s better to work hard than it is to work long (but NOT without mechanics and consistency first!).

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