The Loco Way: Five Pillars

Locomotion Fitness is a an amalgamation of the schools of thought that inspired us along the way. The Loco Way is OUR method. It’s a collection of training methodologies, recovery techniques, practices, habits, thoughts, and actions. It’s a school of thought that when implemented with rigor, develops fully integrated, strong, kickass humans.


The Loco Way Fitness is much more than coming to the gym. We strength train, because the burden of life can be heavy and we must be prepared. We work on our capacity so we have the endurance to tackle whatever life throws our way. We use the beauty of nature to connect to our bodies while feeding our souls.


Nutrition need not be complicated, so our approach is habits based. Making one small change at a time prevents overwhelm and snowballs into massive success quickly. We eat real food when we’re hungry, which truly is all that’s needed for success, though it’s easier said than done. The LocoFam and our nutrition coaches hold members accountable and remind them why they started this journey in the first place.


We prioritize having a clean mind because a six-pack won’t make you happy even if you think it will when you get started. We meditate to slow down, calm our monkey mind, and gain control over our thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Visualization is a tool we call upon often to regain control and focus on the outcomes we’re chasing. We have control of our breath and breathing practices make us sharp and focused or mellow and open at our beckon call. We seek to learn new knowledge because there is no standing still, only driving forward or falling back.


Recovery is a priority and we get plenty of sleep. Frequent flexibility and mobility work leads to less pain in day to day life and better performance in and out of the gym. Even if it’s a ‘rest day’ we seek ways to move slowly and mindfully throughout the day. Extreme heat and cold are tools we use to recover faster and build strength of mind.


Relationships are the guiding light for the other four pillars. We keep an inner circle who motivates us to keep going, realizing we are the average of the five people we hang out with most. The work we do makes us better people for our families, be that your chosen family or the one into which you were born. Your tribe, the LocoFam, makes you feel connected, safe, and loved. As we grow and heal, we raise the spirits of our entire community.

We are a coaching business first and foremost, so though we have a beautiful framework it is not one size fits all. It can and will be adjusted to each member individually based on where they are in their development.


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