The LocoFam Chronicles; Birgit’s Story

            This is Birgit’s Story:

I joined Locomotion after dealing with a very difficult time in my life. I was searching for something that I could focus on, something that would take on a bigger purpose than the head space I was in.

For 4 years I dealt with the agony of infertility and multiple loses. In that time period one failed IVF cycle after another wreaked havoc on my body. I wasn’t working out because my thoughts were consumed with IVF, not to mention the high doses of hormones made me feel awful. When I came to the end of that journey and mourning the loss of ever being a mother, I was searching for something that would bring me joy again. I joined a CrossFit box in Mt Pleasant and started CrossFit Light classes. Every time I went there was no feeling of community and it was very much a high school clique feeling. I felt very out of place. After a year there I still felt like I needed to find that “thing” I was looking for.

 One year later I called Jay for nutrition counseling after being tired of feeling the same and wanting to be healthy again. Let me tell you, the first meeting with him I knew I came to the right place. He makes you feel like everything is going to be ok. You really get the feeling that he deeply cares about every person that steps into Locomotion, because he really does!

 A few months later I finally got up the nerve to start taking real CrossFit classes. After my first couple of classes I was starting to feel like the old me again! I was absolutely shocked that I could actually do the workouts, especially the barbell work that intimidated the crap out of me! I had finally found what I had so desperately been searching for at Locomotion. That sense of community and camaraderie. Every single person was so nice and really wants to see each other succeed. For once I actually felt like I belonged, that I was good enough.

Jump forward to today and my biggest accomplishment; I have found an inner, and outer, strength I never knew I had. I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy because it’s not. There’s some days I’m so sore I can’t sit. I have scoliosis and a pretty good curvature to my back that makes a lot of the moves difficult for me. The coaches never get frustrated and are always more than happy to help me when I’m struggling. Thanks to my time with Locomotion and an amazing chiropractor my scoliosis has improved 3 degrees! My chiropractor was amazed that it had improved so much. He now has me talking to some of his patients dealing with scoliosis about the importance of strength training and working out. And I owe it all to Locomotion!

The thing that motivates me to keep going is the people and coaches. I have never worked out at a gym where everyone really truly cares about each other. The coaches are absolutely amazing, they always take the time to help and encourage you. They make every workout so much fun. It’s truly a big Locomotion family.

Written by Locomotion Member: Birgit Huggins 2019


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