Thursday 10/3/2019


Save the Date–Bring a Friend Day is Coming!

Bring your friends to experience how awesome Loco is on Thursday, October 17th! All Boot Camp and CrossFit classes are eligible and are held at the times listed below. Please make sure to have your friend arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork. We can’t wait to meet your friends!!

Class Times:

5:15am CrossFit
5:30am Boot Camp
6:15am CrossFit
8:00am CrossFit
12 noon CrossFit
5:30pm CrossFit
6:00pm Boot Camp
6:30pm CrossFit



Thursday WOD

A.) “Technical Difficulties”

For Time:

  1. 100 Double unders
  2. 50 Abmat Situps
  3. 10 Wallballs 20/14
  4. 80 Doubleunders
  5. 40 Abmat Situps
  6. 20 Wallballs
  7. 60 Doubleunders
  8. 30 Abmat Situps
  9. 30 Wallballs
  10. 40 Doubleunders
  11. 20 Abmat Situps
  12. 40 Wallballs
  13. 20 Doubleunders
  14. 10 Abmat Situps
  15. 50 Wallballs


B.) Shoulder Prehab

4 Rounds for Quality:

  1. 15 Banded Face Pulls
  2. 10 Bottoms-up Kb Press (each side)
  3. 10 Lying External Shoulder Rotations (each side)

Workout Goal: Finish

Levels Consideration: N&C Endurance

Strategy and Briefing: This Breathe & Burn workout hits the shoulders right from the start.  Keep Doubleunders unbroken. Shoulder & breathing rest comes on the Abmat Situps that follow.  Break up the Wallballs at the set of 30, to avoid dipping too deep into fatigue. Keep the rests short between sets & movements, but do not rush.   Breathing should be consistent with movement, to support the pace throughout. 








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