Thursday 10/31/2019



Celebrations and congratulations (think hi-fives, handstand walks, or good old burpees!) are in order for your hardworking sweat-mates who have recently leveled-up!

Congrats to those of you who have leveled up or recently completed your baselines! Olin and Corey are pictured to the left and Kenny is pictured below.


Do you also want to level-up? Remember that overall level-ups are achieved by improving your lower-performing assessments. WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESSES! We also had a ton of people achieve higher levels on specific assessments that didn’t result in an overall level-up; however, you should all still be proud of your success! Oh, and you should totally remember to write those achievements down on the PR Board, just sayin. 😁


Thursday WOD

A.) “Skipping Stone”

For Total Reps:

  1. At 0:00, 4 min AMRAP 
    • Cal Row
  2. At 5:00, 4 min AMRAP 
    • 10 DB Snatch 50/35
    • 10 Abmat Situps
  3. At 10:004 min AMRAP
    • Box Jumps 24/20
  4. At 15:004 min AMRAP
    • Run for Distance


B.) Knee/Hip Accessory

4 Rounds for Quality:

  1. 8 Peterson Stepups each side
  2. 10 Clamshells each side
  3. 10 Deadbugs each side


Workout Goal: 240+ Reps

Level Consideration: Kettlebell, API

Strategy and Briefing: This Heavy Breathing Workout is all about consistent BREATHING.  Big surprise! Although it seems obvious, we can still make the mistake of NOT  treating breathing as a SKILL. Quality breathing, as any other movement/action, takes thoughtful effort.  Work on keeping breathing in rhythm with pace throughout each of these 4 min AMRAPS.  Focusing on consistent movement will help to facilitate this. Keep pace relatively the same across the entire workout.  Treat it as a 20 min AMRAP, NOT as individual 4 min pieces.







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