Thursday 11/7/2019


FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is 2 days away (November 8th)!
WE WILL NOT HOLD A 4PM or 5PM CROSSFIT CLASS ON FRIDAY. We want as many of you as possible to come to the Main Event.
First heat will go at 530pm and last heat will probably wrap up by 7 or 730. We will release a heat schedule on Friday morning (once we know the workout) both here and via email. Typically we ask the second or third heat to arrive in time for the first heat to act as judges. Then heat 1 will judge heat 2, heat 2 will judge heat 3 and so on.
We make it a big to do, taped off lanes, spectator area, lots of cheering, good music, good food, and good friends.
You don’t have to do the Open WOD at the event (or at all) to attend, but I highly encourage it.
After working out everyone hangs out, eats delicious food, and drinks some beers (optional of course) with the LocoFam.
Bring a dish to pass and BYOB (I’ll have a few cases of beer on hand if that’s your cup of tea).
Bring friends and family (we usually have a gaggle of kids running around)!
Post questions to comments.



A.) Trunk Funk

30 sec Bicycle Crunches
30 sec Side Plank R
30 sec Bicycle Crunches
30 sec Side Plank L

B.)  Braise

For Total Reps

40 sec On/20 sec Off Stations
a) Wallballs 20/14
b) Box Stepups 24/20
c) American KbS 53/35
d) Row or Run
Rest 1:00
x 5

Level Consideration:  Neuro and Core, API, Kettlebell

Strategy and Briefing:

The Heavy Breathing Intervals today require a hyper focus on intensity (unless you’re doing the open in which case you should go easier — at a percentage of effort) .  Going out too hard in the first round will dig a hole too hard get out of. Start off at a conservative pace in the first round to gauge how the workout flows & how to adjust.  By round 2 you should find yourself at a sustainable pace. Breathing & movement is the key to maintaining this pace. Keep it at the same pace as the movement. You can’t breathe too much in this workout … or any workout.  Movement should be smooth & consistent throughout. Try to avoid any peaks & valleys within these intervals. Wallballs & American KbS can be broken up, but shoot for big sets.

Goal:  300+ Reps


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