Thursday 4/2/2020

  • Coffee with Coaches was fun!  Next one is Friday Morning at 830.   Pop on to our normal Zoom link and come say hi!
  • Our Next (free for everyone) Kids PE Beta is THURSDAY!  Please share with friends.  Here is the link to register.
  • Come make Quinoa black bean burgers in Christy’s kitchen (via Zoom) this Friday at 5! This will take the place of our Zoom WOD on Friday evening.


Zoom WOD (Live at noon and 6PM)  Recording will be posted mid afternoon.


Today we have an ascending/descending pyramid. The goal is to make it down the ladder faster than you came up. This requires moving with purpose and keeping pace in mind. Keep your personal standards high in terms of quality, don’t settle for second-rate movement.

Take deep breaths as you move through each exercise. Break up the Walks as needed, with an eye of maintaining an even pace. Be conservative with the pace at the start so you can pick it up as you go. Lunges should be done consistently, keeping your weight on your heels, and driving through the glutes with the stepping leg. Burpees or bodybuilders should be done at a breathing pace similar to running a moderately hard 1 mile.

WEIGHT: Use anything you have that you can hold in one hand overhead, water jug, backpack, Db, or Kb.

Warm Up:

8 mins
Jumping Jacks
10 Alt Pull Backs
10 Alt Shoulder Taps
30 sec Plank


8 Wall Walks
24 OH Walking Lunges
50 Burpee Over Object
24 OH Walking Lunges
8 Wall Walks


Bulgarian Split Squats
Bulgarian Split Squats are highly effective in building stability and leg strength. Take it slow and be conservative with the weight to start, then build as you feel more comfortable. Go barefoot if you choose, to feel the weight on your feet.

Accumulate 4-6 Sets
HIGH quality reps

8 Bulgarian Split Squats ea/s
Split Squats ea/s

Demo Videos

Jumping Jacks:
Pull Backs:
Shoulder Taps:
Waiter Walk:
Walking Lunges:
OH Walking Lunges:
Burpee Over Object:
Wall Walks:
Bulgarian Split Squats:
Split Squats:


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