Thursday 4/23/2020

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WOD 04/23/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon and 6pm)


Today we have a fun, POINTS based workout. It’s another choose your own adventure, but with a twist: each movements is worth a different amount of points. So play to your strengths, but mix it up and be sure to hit ALL elements for a well-rounded workout. It wouldn’t be fun to do 15 minutes of Reverse Step Lunges, now would it?

It’s best to plan and strategize your rounds before starting, then follow the plan and see how it feels. You can always adjust as you go, depending on what actually fatigues quickest; however, you should attack this workout with the idea of moving smoothly and with continuous quality.

Complete the reverse step lunges steadily, and feel free to increase the points per set — e.g., 6 lunges each side would be 2 points, 9 sec hold would be 3 points. Do holds with high tension & high focus, along with the Dip or Push-up variations.


30 sec Couch Stretch ea/s
30 sec Pigeon Stretch ea/s
2 Rounds of:
10 Rear Step Lunges
10 Box/Chair Push-ups
10 Plank Marches ea/s


In 15 minutes, accumulate “max points” of:
•Reverse Step Lunges 3 each/side = 1 point
•Hollow Hold 3 sec = 1 point
•Push-ups 4 reps = 1 point
•Wall Handstand Hold 3 sec = 1 point

ACCESSORYBulgarian Split Squat

3-4 sets of 6-10 reps ea/s @ 30X0 Tempo
:30-1:00 Rest between sides/sets

Bulgarian Split Squats are highly effective in building stability and leg strength. For the tempo, descend 3 seconds, and explode out of the bottom. Take things slow, and be conservative with the weight to start, then build as you feel more comfortable. Go barefoot if you choose, to feel the weight on your feet.

Demo Videos

Air Squats:
Bent Hollow Hold:
Reverse Step Lunge:
Piked Handstand Hold:
Hollow Hold:
Wall Handstand Hold:
L-sit Hold:
Chair Dips:
Free Handstand Hold:
Bulgarian Split Squat:


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