Thursday 4/30/2020

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WOD 04/30/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon and 6pm)


Today we have 2 fast descending ladders with rest in between.

Move with some purpose on the bodybuilders and burpees- not a sprint, but don’t slack here. Move directly to squats, and go smooth and steady with perfect form on each rep. Keep the breathing high and purposely breathe more than you feel you need. Each round drops in reps, so keep the pace high and push to the end.

Your rest should equal 1/2 the time you worked. Example: if the first set takes 6:00, you would rest 3:00 before starting the second portion.


2 Rounds of:
•30 sec Couch Stretch ea/s
•40 sec Air Squats @ 2020
•60 sec Extended Child’s Pose
•40 sec Bodybuilders


Air Squats x 2 (42 – 30 – 18)

rest 1/2 the work time

Goblet Squats x 2 (30 – 24 – 18)

ACCESSORYSingle-Arm Pressing and Stability

In 10 minutes, accumulate high quality sets of:
Single-arm Press (R)
•20 sec
Waiter’s Hold (R)
Single-arm Press (L)
•20 sec Waiter’s Hold (L)

The primary goal here is to work on shoulder stability. Keep the weight light enough to maintain a solid position overhead on the holds. Expect a burn towards the end of the press set, going into the waiters holds — but don’t burn out on the press. Leave enough in the tank for the holds, and remember to stack the bones: shoulder is down and back, elbow above shoulder, wrist above elbow, weight above wrist.

Demo Videos

Couch Stretch:
Air Squat:
Extended Child Pose:
Goblet Squat:
Single-Arm Press:
Waiter’s Hold:


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