Thursday 8/15/2019

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Level Method Web App Clarification:

I am getting a lot of people having issues with logging levels and it’s almost always for the same reason. You guys are trying to google level method and login from their main website OR you’re trying to download the app.

NEITHER OF THOSE WILL WORK! Level Method just changed to an updated version of the MAP (Version 2.0) and we are in the first cohort of gyms using it. Their main website and current mobile app are setup based on the old MAP, which has different levels and categories. So we can’t use it!

The link you need to use to create an account and log your levels is You WILL NOT find this link anywhere else on the internet because we are one of a very few gyms using the updated MAP and software, most of their current clients are still on v1 (until early September).

You will need to confirm your email address and then I have to approve you as a member of our gym before you can do anything else. Then you can log your levels, but I also have to approve your levels after they are submitted (holding you accountable!).

Once they switch the legacy gyms over, we will then have the mobile app (which has a TON more functionality), as well as an updated version of the web app.

Reach out if you have any questions or hiccups!

Today’s Level Method Testing

A.) Aerobic Power Intervals


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