Thursday 8/8/2019

Loco Announcement:

It’s time to sign up for a Level Method account so we can log your levels!  Sign-up by going here: .  Select ‘Sign Up’ and choose Locomotion Fitness from the drop down to create your account.  Once you’ve done that I’ll come in and approve you!

A)  Tire Swing

5 Rounds for Time:

1:00 Sled Push (Count each 30M section as 5 reps.  So dumpster and back is 10 reps.)

Rest 30 sec

1:00 Deadlift    (185/135)

Rest 30 sec

1:00 Banded Situps

Rest 30 sec

Strategy & Briefing

One minute is a long time, with these movements.  Pacing should be consistent for all movement across the rounds —  but expect some drop off (especially on the Deadlifts).   Tight technique is always important with Deadlifts, and here, even more so during and after the 3rd round.  The posterior chain will fatigue from them, and the core will be smoked from the Situps. Quick singles on the Deadlift as you get into the later rounds can help accumulate reps.  Move at a steady consistent pace on the Sled & Situps —  these will not hit you nearly as hard as the Deadlifts.   There is a rest, but not enough to recover from a max effort bout, so be conscious of this, especially on the Sled.

Workout Goal: 200+ Reps

Levels Consideration:  Deadlift, N&C Endurance


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