Track your Progress with an InBody Scan

Are you 💯% certain the fitness and nutrition program you follow is working? At Loco we track your progress with an InBody scan and quarterly fitness assessments to keep a close eye on your performance.

We charge a premium because we produce MEASURABLE results for our clients. In fact, we guarantee it with our ‘Feel Good, Look Good Guarantee’. How many gyms do you know that will do that?



What is an Inbody Scan?




Four Reasons to Track your Progress with an InBody Scan


Tracking your progress is important for a few reasons:

1️⃣ Everyone thinks you need motivation to be successful. In reality you need small successes to stay motivated. By seeing improvements, you’ll stay motivated for the long haul.

2️⃣ As you progress you need to make adjustments to your fitness and nutrition routines. Maybe you need to add another workout each week, or perhaps you need to adjust your calorie and macronutrient goals. Many people plateau because what worked initially may not be what’s going to take them to the next step.

3️⃣ Why would you pay a gym if you’re not 💯 it’s working? We don’t do contracts because we want to earn your business each month by highlighting your progress!

4️⃣ The InBody is MUCH better than the scale because…well the scale can lie. Maybe your weight hasn’t changed, but you lost 3% body fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle. You would be beating yourself up thinking you weren’t progressing when in reality you’ve been killing it!



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