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At Locomotion our clients embark on a journey of self improvement.  But without data how do we know we’re actually improving?  You can’t improve what you can’t measure!  We use a piece of software called SugarWOD to track our results and stay connected to the community.  Get it here for Android and here for iOS.
SugarWOD is simple to use and does some REALLY cool stuff:
  1. Get the WOD. SugarWOD automagically publishes the workout to your phone at 8pm the day before class.  No more wondering what you’re getting yourself in to.
  2. Prepare ahead of time.  There’s a little button that says ‘prepare’ (under the big button that says log your result).  When you hit that button you’ll be able to see movement demo videos.  That way just in case you’re not sure what a ‘Power Snatch’ is you’ll be able to check it out and feel more confident the next day.  Once you start to accumulate some data you’ll be able to see workout history including the time it took to o something, how much weight you used etc.
  3. Track progress.  As you log workouts you’ll have a CLEAR indication of progress.  Are you getting stronger?  Faster?  Harder to kill?  SugarWOD gives us the data we need to track progress to show you your hard work is paying off.
  4. Show some love.  Community is what makes Locomotion special.  As your swolemates log their workouts you can give them some fistbumps (the equivalent of a Facebook like), comment on how awesome they are, or just marvel at their progress.
SugarWOD leaves no question as to whether or not you’re getting better.  It hols you accountable AND it holds us accountable.  After all, you’re paying us to make you better!  How long are you going to run on the treadmill without feeling like you’re getting anywhere?  Let’s get some hard data so you KNOW that your body is getting stronger, faster, healthier and harder to kill!

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