Tuesday 10/15/2019


Bring a Friend Day

Save the Date and bring your friends to experience how awesome Loco is on Thursday, October 17th for Bring a Friend Day! All Boot Camp and CrossFit classes are eligible and are heldat the times listed below. Please make sure to have your friend arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork. We can’t wait to meet your friends!!

Class Times:

5:15am CrossFit
5:30am Boot Camp .
6:15am CrossFit
8:00am CrossFit
12 noon CrossFit
5:30pm CrossFit
6:00pm Boot Camp
6:30pm CrossFit


Tuesday WOD

A.) “Neon Lights”

50 sec on, 10 sec transition, 6x:

  1. Sled
  2. Handstand Hold Against Wall
  3. Doubleunders
  4. Russian KbS 53/35

Level Consideration: N&C endurance, Kettlebell, UB Push

Strategy and Briefing: The Breathe & Burn intervals today should be paced as one long 24 minute workout. The 10 seconds of rest is just enough time to get to your next movement, and nothing more.  Keep movement smooth and breathing consistent to maintain a pace. Don’t rush any of the stations — focus on your technique to keep quality high.  Although this is not for a score work to keep each interval consistent across all round. If you get 25 Kettlebell Swings in the first round, try to  match it on every round. 


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