Tuesday 10/29/2019



The November business owner’s meet-up will be this Monday, November 4th at 7:00 pm at the Loco Garage Gym. See you there!

The first Monday of each Month we will meet up either at the gym or a local restaurant. Each meeting will have a specific topic (complete with handouts and action steps!) relating to being entrepreneurial business owners. The purpose of these meet-ups is not to sell to each other but to trouble-shoot together, brainstorm ideas and talk about what works, what hasn’t and what might! I’ll make sure to post the location we choose each month ahead of time – but go ahead and mark your calendars for the first Monday of every month at 7pm. That’s #selfimprovment #locofam #businessmeeting time!!!



Tuesday WOD

A.) Power Snatch

Level Consideration: Weightlifting


B.) “Muzzle Flash”

For Time:

  1. 21 Power Snatch 75/55
  2. 60 Doubleunders
  3. 18 Power Snatch
  4. 50 Doubleunders
  5. 15 Power Snatch
  6. 40 Doubleunders
  7. 12 Power Snatch
  8. 30 Doubleunders
  9. 9 Power Snatch
  10. 20 Doubleunders

Workout Goal: <12:00

Level Consideration: Weightlifting, N&C Endurance

Strategy and Briefing: This Breathe & Burn workout  requires technical proficiency from beginning to end.  Start with consistent & crisp reps on the Power Snatch.  Aiming to break them up into no more than 2 sets. Move right into the Doubleunders & shoot to go unbroken.  Continue to break up the Power Snatch until the final set, then push through and chase unbroken sets. Be conscious of shoulder fatigue here.  The combination of Doubleunders & Snatch can sneak up on shoulders quickly. Keep breathing consistent with pace. During rests, take a few deep breaths before starting back up again. Do not waste rest time.



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