Tuesday 10/8/2019



From Coach Jay:

Get ready for the 2020 Open!! The following is a broad overview:
  1. WHEN: The Open kicks off in all CrossFit classes on Friday 10/11 and runs for 5 consecutive Fridays. We may have 2 coaches on duty, up the class cap, and/or add class times depending on the logistics of the weekly Open WOD.
  2. SIGN-UP/COST: There is no cost to participate through Loco this time around. However, I do highly encourage you to sign up officially with CrossFit. It’s only $20 and it will help hold you accountable to showing up each week. Plus checking the leaderboard is fun. **Sign up at games.crossfit.com and join our affiliate ‘Park Circle CrossFit’.
  3. SCORING/LOGISTICS: We will still run heats in classes, have judges and scorecards, and get you guys AMPED. And don’t worry, we’ll still do a ridiculous weekly update show.
    • Points: They have nothing to do with performance this time. It’s all about showing up, making improvements, and supporting the LocoFam.
      • 1 point– Show up and do any version of the WOD (scaling options always available)
      • 2 points– Set a PR or do any movement for the first time (1st pull ups again?!)
      • 3 points– Complete the weekly bonus. Bonuses will be released week by week and could be ANYTHING.
  4. TEAMS: We’re switching things up this year, and In lieu of drafting intramural captains and teams we’ll be doing AM Crew VS PM Crew. 515a, 615a, and 715a V. 12p, 4p, and 5p. Your points go to the team of whatever class time you attend that week. Friendly trash talk and general tomfoolery highly encouraged.
  5. FINAL EVENT: The final event will be 11/8 and you DO NOT want to miss this big ass party (link here). Friends and family (including kiddos) will also have a blast and are more than welcome. Even if you haven’t been to any of the prior weeks I encourage you to come spend some time with the LocoFam.




A.) Strict Press

Build to Heavy 3, in at least 4 attempts

Level Consideration: UB Push


B.) “Cell Tower”

4 Sets for Quality:

  1. 8 Db Strict Press*
  2. 30 sec Plank w/weight*
  3. 6 Strict Pullups*
  4. 10 Toes to Bar
  5. Rest 1:00

*Adjust weight on press/plank and pullup reps as needed.

Level Consideration: UB Push, UB Pull, N&C Endurance

Strategy and Briefing: Our goal in this workout is the feeling, a Deep Muscle Burn in the upper body/core. All sets should remain smooth & unbroken throughout — but not easy. The weight should be challenging on the back half of every set.  Expect the combination of movements to really hit the shoulders. Take short breaks between movements, to hit the sets unbroken — this is not for time. If the weight/movement is too easy, bump it up a bit … and vice versa.


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