Tuesday 11/5/2019


🎤Calling All Ladies of Loco……
🙋‍♀️Women’s Day is coming up soon – Nov 16th! 💁‍♀️
It includes a 60min self-defense class so we can kick real ass when needed. Paired with the strength and speed gains from the gym – we’ll be legit superwomen.
We then break for brunch by Mason, mimosas and shopping. Our vendor list really rocks this year – all local and all women owned!! It’s a great time to grab local gifts for Christmas!
Wrapping it all up with a perfect bow is our very own Elizabeth Auden Cosi who will lead a yoga class followed by a group meditation to send us back into our Saturday with mind and body rested and rejuvenated.
You’ll each leave with Swag Bags packed with local love, too!
Please take a second to get your tickets so that I can start to get a good head count to all our sponsors. Girlfriends and Family are welcome to come, too! 🔖👇



A.) Barbell Row

4 x 10 Barbell Row
Building to a heavy 10.

B.)   Bamboo Shoot

Box Jumps 24/20

Directly Into

Abmat Situps
Doubleunders x 2 (4-8-12-16 etc.)

Level Consideration: Neuro and Core, UB Pull, API,

Strategy and Briefing: Upfront pacing is important in two-part workouts like this Breathe & Burn. As reps descend, do NOT speed up to finish — you are only half-done after you accomplish the round of 1. Keep a consistent pace through the entire first portion of this workout, unbroken sets being ideal on the Pullups. Box Jumps should be done steadily. As you get into the Doubleunders & Situps you can pick up the pace a bit. The Situps are a nice place to catch your breath between sets of Doubleunders, which should be unbroken. Take a second before every set of Doubleunders to refocus and ensure that you don’t trip up.

Goal: <18 min


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