Tuesday 4/14/2020

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WOD 04/14/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon and 6pm)


Today we alternate between 2 stations (containing 2 elements), every 2 minutes, for 20 total minutes. Do each station a total of 5 times — keep this in mind as you start your first round.

First up is a handstand walk or bear crawl for 1 minute. Take your time, staying focused on an active core and stable shoulders. Don’t go all out on this — move consistently and manage the fatigue. Go as far as you can with perfect form in a minute — you can also go 30 sec out, 30 sec back, or set a distance for yourself that will take about a minute. Rest if you need to, because right after the minute is up, you’ll move immediately into walking lunges. Feel free to load these down with some weight.

You’ll finish with about 20 secs of rest before moving onto the next part. Loaded Carries should be done slow and steady, with a weight that taxes you. Keep the weight heavy enough so that by the end of the 1 minute, you’re totally ready to put the weight down. Squeeze your glutes hard, and pull your shoulders back as much as possible to help you stay upright.

As soon as you put the weight down, immediately go into a plank. Rest before your form breaks down, and if you want to load yourself, place a weight on your glutes.

WEIGHT: Use a backpack or duffel bag to hold on the load walks. Anything you can bearhug comfortably will work.


3x through:
8 Bird Dogs w/ 1-sec hold at top
12 Shoulder Pass-throughs w/ PVC pipe, towel, or broom

1x through:
30 sec Samson Stretch (R)
30 sec Bear Crawl forward
30 sec Samson Stretch (L)
30 sec Bear Crawl backward

2x through:
30 sec Loaded Carry/Hold in Place
10 Walking Lunge


Every 2 minutes for 20 total minutes, alternating between stations 1 & 2:

1.) 1:00 Bear Crawl + Walking Lunge (20 sec out, 20 sec back)

2.) 1:00 Loaded Carry (Bear Hug) + Plank on elbows (up to 1:40)

ACCESSORYPush-up Strength

4-5 sets, 5-8 reps
Decline Push-ups
Box/Chair Push-ups

The goal is to make the push-ups tough, so go slow and controlled. If you need more weight, put something on your back, but be careful with placement, and stay focused.

A key to building strength is to focus on tension. So keep your body super tight from your toes up. Imagine yourself as a single, powerful unit. Engage your whole body.

We are adding a little variance to our push-ups with the addition of a decline (raised level for your feet). This will make them just a tad more difficult.

Demo Videos

Bird Dogs:
Walking Lunges:
Bear Crawl:
Shoulder to Overhead:
Air Squats:
Mountain Climbers:
Decline Push-ups:
Box Push-ups:
Samson Stretch:
Bear Hug Carry:
Bear Crawl F/B:


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