Tuesday 5/5/2020

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WOD 05/5/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon only)


Today we have a for-quality AMRAP with isolateral movements — one side is dominant for the entire set. Move smooth and consistent through each set, no rushing. For the step-ups and rows, choose a weight you can do unbroken up to the 12 rep mark. These will be easy at first, but as the reps increase, the burning will also increase.

The side plank pulses will get difficult quickly, especially if you don’t focus on technique. Keep hips and torso in line the entire time, and do not twist. Take your time!


3 – 4 Rounds Of:
10 Shoulder Taps
Archbody Pulses
Bentover T-Spine Rotation


15-Minute AMRAP, 4-8-12-16-20-24…etc. Of:
Single-Leg Step-ups (R)
Side Plank Pulse (R)
Single-Arm Row (R)
Single-Leg Step-ups (L)
Side Plank Pulse (L)
Single-Arm Row (L)

ACCESSORYHandstand Practice

10 Minutes Of:
30 sec
Handstand Shoulder Taps
30 sec
Handstand Hold
30 sec
Piked Handstand Hold
Rest as needed between sets

Shoulder taps will be a big test for shoulder stability, if you choose to test yourself. Move slow and keep shoulders pressing firmly against the ground. To avoid being UNSTABLE, keep the shoulders completely set and don’t take a hand off the ground. Also, squeezing the glutes and core will stabilize this inverted position.

To make this even more challenging, try it free-standing!

Demo Videos

Shoulder Taps:
Archbody Pulse:
Bent Over T-spine Rotation:
Single-Leg Step-ups:
Side Plank Pulse:
Single-Arm Row:
Handstand Shoulder Taps:
Handstand Hold:
Piked Handstand Hold:

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