Tuesday 8/6/2019


On a 20 minute Clock:

8 min AMRAP (may be at the beginning OR the end)

Cal Row

In remaining time, for rounds

15 American KbS (53/35)

30 Doubleunders

200m Run

Record Total Cals and Rounds + Reps

Workout Goal:  100+ Cals, 4+ Rounds

Levels Consideration:  Kettlebell, N&C Endurance

Strategy & Briefing

20 minutes can be a long time for a Heavy Breathing workout if you’re not smart — pacing will be your friend. Do NOT let the 8 minute AMRAP Row lure you into a sprint — pace it as you would the 20 minute Row test. This will allow you to hop off the rower and right into Kettlebell Swings. Keep movements unbroken through the rounds & hold the same relative pace as on the rower. Your posterior chain (lower back, glutes, hamstrings) will be taxed after the row, so be aware as you get into the Swings. It’s easy to allow your technique to fade as you get deeper into long workouts. Sets should remain unbroken; keep breathing in rhythm with smooth movement.


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