Tuesday 9/10/2019


The Fit for Fall Nutrition Challenge kickoff is this Saturday, September 14th at 11:30am!!! This is a four week challenge to help you get back on track after a summer of fun. It includes tons of prizes, biometrics testing and accountability with availability to roll you into our ongoing nutrition program! What are you waiting for? Tell a coach to sign up today!!


A.) Pullups

Levels Consideration: Upper Body Pull


B.) “Turn and Burn”


  1. 7 min AMRAP
    • 2 Rope Climbs
    • 10 Pistols
  2. On the 10:00 mark,  3 rounds of:
    • 8 Pullups
    • 30 Air Squats

Workout Goal: 5+ Rounds; <3:00

Levels Consideration: Upper Body Pull, Squat Endurance, Front Squat

Strategy and Briefing: This Burn workout is going to be quick, but don’t rush.  Going out too hot will burn out your UB Pulling muscles in the first 3 rounds — ruined come the 10 minute mark.  Leave a little gas in the tank for the second of the 3 round workouts.   Take your time between Rope Climbs from the start.  Pistols should be done steady & straight through.  Stay unbroken on the Pullups, with a sense of urgency on the second interval.  Go straight through on the squats with pacing — don’t get lulled to sleep by this movement.  Keep breathing consistent throughout both intervals, to support your pace.


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