Tuesday 9/3/2019


Hurricane Dorian: Like the rest of Charleston we are keeping a close eye on Dorian. Our number one priority is keeping our members and staff safe. We’re also at the mercy of our property managers, in years passed they’ve closed the building and denied access during big storms.

That said, we’re going to hold out as long as we (safely) can so you guys can work out some of that cabin fever. We will be operating on a reduced schedule that we’ll announce in the Facebook members group and via email daily. ZenPlanner will also be updated as the schedule changes.

For Tuesday September 3rd the schedule is:

  • 530am- Boot Camp
  • 615am- CrossFit
  • 530pm- CrossFit
  • 7pm- Yoga

**If you have any 1 on 1 appointments scheduled you should have already heard from your coach with a plan.

Mason Meals: Mason meals will be delivered to the GARAGE GYM tomorrow and forever moving forward. Drop off is around 1145am. You can swing by there anytime between then and when yoga starts at 7. There is a map on the door of the main gym if you’re not sure where you’re going. If you are unable to get your meals by 7, please let us know.



A.) 10 min. of Handstand Practice

Levels Consideration: UB Push


B.) “Hoover Dam”

In Partners, 3 Rounds for Total Reps/Cals:

    1. 2:00 Row, Rest 30 sec
    2. 2:00 Burpees, Rest 30 sec
    3. 2:00 Box Jumps 24/20, Rest 30 sec
    4. 2:00 Russian KB Swings 53/35, Rest 30 sec

Workout Goal: 500+

Levels Consideration: Kettlebell, API

Strategy and Briefing: Transitions are always a factor in any partner workout, but due to the structure of today’s Heavy Breathing workout they will be even more important.  For any of the machine movements, split it in half, 1 minute each partner. This will keep it to one transition per interval. You will be able to hit that minute on the machine pretty hard, given the rest you will get while your partner goes and between movements. The Box Jumps & Russian KbS can be split however you need to keep things moving. The goal here is to be accumulating reps/cals throughout the entire workout with little to no down time.


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