Update: Loco Closing Location – Moving Online! (Temporarily)

An update from Coach Jay and Emma – Owners of Locomotion Fitness

As a matter of civic duty and out of an abundance of caution as the COVID-19 threat continues to grow, Loco is taking preemptive measures to do our part to help slow the spread of this virus.  It is a terrifying threat for a small business to close its doors to an invisible enemy, but as I have often learned throughout my life, the hard choice is usually the right choice.

We strive to be leaders in our community and I can’t in good conscience continue to risk the lives of others so we can do a few snatches.  Not to mention the well being of our coaches and all of you.

Starting Tuesday, March 17, we will close both our physical locations for group classes.  We plan on staying closed until at least April 1, however, this is subject to the spread of the virus.  It very well may go longer.

While our physical location may be closed, we are set on upholding our promise to educate, empower, energize, and elevate you while staying connected to the community that inspires us everyday.  As many work from home during this time, maintaining your workout routine is crucial to not only your physical health, but mental health as well.  Many of us find stress relief from working out, and we want to help everyone reduce their stress during these challenging times.

During the shut-down, This is what we’ll be doing:

Online Group Coaching

We will program workouts every day, and DELIVER THEM TO YOU PERSONALLY.  These will be bodyweight focused workouts with little to no equipment needed.  Every member of Loco will be assigned a coach. We’re going to reach out to each member individually each day to go over the workout, tailor it to your specific goals and make it work with the space you have available.

We have a thoughtful, no BS program for the entire community (coaches included) to not only maintain but IMPROVE during this time. Expect workout tracking, PRs, improvement in your conditioning, and muscle stamina gains.

We’ll be checking in EVERY day to hold you accountable and provide other coaching and guidance on things like Mindset and Nutrition. We’ll invite you to communicate with your assigned coach starting tomorrow.

Many of you know we recently launched a new Online Coaching platform.  The results people are seeing are amazing.  This service is $300/month with nutrition coaching and $200/month without nutrition coaching.  You’re going to get all the same benefits for your regular monthly membership rate.  The only difference is we won’t be using True Coach.

Online Personal Training

If you’re currently a personal training client or if you have equipment at home, or you have a specific goal, or specific limitations, shoot us an email to jay@locomotionfit.com and we’ll get you rolling in our new and shiny Online Coaching option.  This is the program I referenced above and is tested and proven to work incredibly well. These custom WODs are just like the personal training we do here at Loco, but you will do it in your home.  The coach in charge of your programming will reach out to you after you email us, ask you your goals, what you want to achieve, why, and what equipment you have.  We’ll get you all setup on the true coach platform and show you how everything works.  The coach will deliver programming to you weekly, and be checking in often to hold you accountable.  The more communication during this time, the better the results will be.


We will be allowing members to pick one piece of equipment, either a dumbbell, kettlebell or medball, for use during this shutdown.  Equipment pickup will be Tuesday, March 17.  Supplies are limited, first come first served.

Mindset, Nutrition, Yoga, Kids

We are also planning on delivering first class seminars via FB live and Zoom on everything from meditation to breathing to growth mindset.  We will release the schedule for these soon and most if not all will be included in your membership.

We will be focusing heavily on nutrition during this time as well since it’s something that still remains in our control.  Expect some mini challenges and lots of nutrition education.

We will offer some online yoga classes on a regular basis too, so all our yogi’s can still get their fix!

Finally we’re going to be launching some 30 minute online kids PE classes so the kids can get some movement in too!  More on that also coming soon.

Staying Connected

One of our five pillars of health is relationships.  Honestly, it’s the most important one.  We’re going to NEED each other to lean on.  We’re going to need support and encouragement.  We’ll need someone to make us laugh.  The LocoFam has been and will be there for just that purpose.  If you’re not in our members group on Facebook I really encourage you to create an account even if it’s just to be a member of that group.  It will help with accountability and give you some level of connection…which we’re all going to sorely miss.

As you all know, we are a small locally owned business. My responsibilities are to keep my customers safe, to be a leader in our community, and to provide a living for our full time staff.  If your salary is guaranteed by your employer during this time we’d really appreciate your continued support as we all get through whatever is coming our way. This will enable us to take care of our coaches, who can then take care of you with remote coaching/accountability.  If you’ve been immediately hit financially (e.g. hourly wage/hospitality industry) please talk to us, and we will do our part to help you where we can.

I will finish with this – when I went through Marine Corps training 13 years ago, I began to learn the motto “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”.  Even though I was progressing through training in one of the military’s most difficult schools, each week, each month, seemed to bring greater and greater challenges. At the time, you think you know…you think you get it.  But that saying still manages to ring true every day.  What challenged me yesterday, last week, last year, pales in comparison to today’s challenges.  But I remain undeterred.  This is just another obstacle to overcome, and success in that challenge begins with a mindset and ends with teamwork.  My go-to phrase is “UNity over Self”.  Pick your phrase, stick with your tribe, and continue to crush everything.

We sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support.


Here’s a video version of the announcement as well if that’s more your cup of tea:

In Health,
Coach Jay and Emma

P.S. We are going live to do a Q and A in the members group momentarily.  We will kick it off at 730pm.  See you there.


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