We Stand With You.

If you’re caught up on current events, you know that we are in the midst of a monumental and historic moment. Protests and rallies in support of racial justice are happening all over our country following the recent death of George Floyd. We [Locomotion Fitness] wanted to take a moment to recognize the love we have for the black and brown individuals of our membership, the LocoFam, as well as those in our local community. We hear you, we see you, and we stand with you.

Locomotion Fitness exists to help improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our community members, and inevitably turn them into “kick-ass 90-year-olds”.

Additionally, we believe every individual should understand how to get, and stay, healthy for the remainder of their life. No matter your background, upbringing, social status, ethnicity, religion, orientation, identity- we are here to help YOU get there.

We stand with you. By means of health and fitness, but more importantly- racial justice.

If you’re looking for a small but concrete way to show your support, try starting with our local black-owned businesses! We found a list of black-owned restaurants in Charleston that you can check out here!

This article’s cover photo was taken by Keegan Moro during the Charleston, SC Black Lives Matter-Justice for George Protest held on May 30, 2020.


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