Wednesday 10/23/2019


Welcome to the Level Method Club!!!

A round of applause to Birgit, Ellen and Ryan for finishing their baseline assessments and getting ready to crush new goals!

Level Method is up and running in full force! Most of you have already completed your baseline assessments and have learned about your strengths as well as areas in which you could improve. If you haven’t completed all of your assessments, ask a coach to schedule a time to complete missing assessments. If you are eager to Level Up, be on the lookout for some accessory programs headed your way in the near future!

Regarding programming, please continue to comment on the WOD blog daily with your scores so we can adjust programming to best meet your needs and goals.  We want you to be progress, be challenged and feel all the goodness life has to offer at Loco!




Wednesday WOD

A.) Overhead Squats

Building 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Level Consideration: Flexibility


B.) “Stop, Drop, Roll”

For Time, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1:

  1. Overhead Squat 95/65
  2. Burpee Over Bar

Level Consideration: Flexibility, API

Strategy and Briefing: Finding a groove on the OH Squats will keep today’s Breathe & Burn Workout smooth.  Take the time on the OH Squats to perform quality reps.  Active core & shoulders will help here. Move quick AND smooth, through the Burpees. Be conscious of movement efficiency. Sloppy reps can unnecessarily fatigue the shoulders & lead to rough sets of OH Squats.  Breathing should be consistent with movement, to support pacing. Too deep oxygen debt when coming back to OH Squats is a recipe for failure. Breathing facilitates movement, in these workouts.


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