Wednesday 10/9/2019


Welcome to the Level Method Club Melissa!

Level Method is up and running in full force! Most of you have already completed your baseline assessments and have learned about your strengths as well as areas in which you could improve. If you haven’t completed all of your assessments, ask a coach to schedule a time to complete missing assessments. Personal Training sessions are also available to complete baseline assessments or work towards your next level.



A.) “The Golden Goose”

On 3 minute mark, x3:

  1. 500m Row or 35cal Airbike
  2. 400m Run
  3. 40 Wallballs 20/14

Level Consideration: Run, Row, API

Strategy and Briefing: Each Heavy Breathing interval in this workout should be quick.  There are definitely some strong stamina elements in the Wallballs, but the work to rest ratio should be about 1:2 — so adjust distance, reps as needed on later rounds if necessary. Attack the Row & Run at 85-90%, a heavy breathing pace.  Replicate this for all 3 rounds, by focusing on consistent breathing AND efficient movement.  The Wallballs are the Burn part of this workout.  They should be done in no more than 2 sets —  unbroken is ideal. Don’t rush reps — keep your movement steady & breathing constant.  Work to keep your split times tight through all the rounds.





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