Wednesday 11/13/2019


Someone asked Coach Jay over the weekend if he was scared of all the big chain ‘microgyms’. Think Orangetheory, F45, Fit Body Bootcamp etc.

The short answer is no. Here’s why:




A.) Box Step Up

5 x 5 Box Step-ups (ea/s) w/Dbs in Hand.  Add weight each set.

B.)  Canned Soup

10 Kb Snatch 53/35 R
10 Kb Front Rack Lunges
150m Shuttle Run

10 KB Snatch L
10 Kb Front Rack Lunges
150m Shuttle Run

Level Consideration:  Kettlebell, Squat Endurance

Strategy and Briefing:

The complex movements in this Breathe & Burn Workout require consistent technique. Be conscious of Kb Snatch technique right from the beginning.  Each rep should look exactly the same for all 12 minutes. Keep lunges smooth, but keep things moving. Don’t have the Kb in the Front Rack for too long.  After the run, start the Kb Snatches right away — so pace accordingly. Keep breathing constant & consistent, to facilitate pacing.

Goal: 3+ Rounds


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