Wednesday 4/1/2020

  • Coffee with Coaches was fun!  Next one is Friday Morning at 830.   Pop on to our normal Zoom link and come say hi!
  • Our Next (free for everyone) Kids PE Beta is THURSDAY!  Please share with friends.  Here is the link to register.
  • Come make Quinoa black bean burgers in Christy’s kitchen (via Zoom) this Friday at 5! This will take the place of our Zoom WOD on Friday evening.


Zoom WOD (Live at noon and 6PM)  Recording will be posted mid afternoon.


Today is a QUALITY day. Work to keep movements crisp & consistent. Sets should remain unbroken through all 6 Rounds, but take your time between stations to to maintain quality. Don’t watch the clock for this one, go based on FEEL. For the upright row go slow and controlled, this can be a weird movement at first so feel it out.

On the KB Swings, engage and squeeze the glutes at the top, keep them crisp. On the core holds, focus on high tension — perfect form. Imagine your body as a single unit.

WEIGHT: Choose a weight that can be done unbroken & crisp, using a backpack, sandbag, Kb, Db, or anything you can hold with both hands. Don’t overcomplicate it, the movement pattern is what’s important.

Warm Up:

3-4 Rounds
10 Glute Bridges
20 sec Plank on Elbows
10 Air Squats (Slow)
20 sec Archbody Hold


6 Rounds For Quality
12 Upright Rows
15 Russian KbS
30 Hollow Rocks


Last time we did a balance day was handstand focused — this time we will stay on our feet. Scales are simple, but the ultimate sophistication is simplicity… so keep that in mind and move slow through them, to maintain even pressure & balance on the foot. For more challenge, close your eyes!

This might sound boring, but this is all about virtuosity. Doing the simple things incredibly well. So stay focused. Think of it almost as a physical meditation.

10 minutes of Practice
Alternate between Front Scales & Back Scales, being sure to split everything up in equal parts.


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