Wednesday 4/22/2020

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WOD 04/22/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon and 6pm)


Today we have a descending ladder of Burpees and Lateral Jumps over an object. This workout’s rep scheme and opening movement should look and feel familiar to most. Take things smooth and steady from the start so you don’t burn out in the first two rounds. Move straight through on the burpees, with little break in between reps.

Choose an appropriate height for the lateral jumps — make it tough, but doable. Reset on each jump — a PVC pipe or broomstick between two objects can be a great choice. Reset, and get your mind right before starting the Lateral Jumps.

Stay focused and keep the pace consistent through all double-digit rounds. Once you reach the round of 9, pick up the pace and finish fast (uncomfortable).

For the “Object”, choose something that is between ankle height and below-the-knee.


2 sets:
•20 Calf Raises (bodyweight)
•1:00 Classic Calf Stretch ea/s
6 min of:
•10 Bodybuilders
•10 Front-to-back Hops
•8 Alternating Spidermans
•10 Side-to-Side Hops


18-15-12-9-6-3 (For time)
Lateral Jump over Object (w/ reset)

ACCESSORYAerobic & Stretching

Run 8:00 easy out
Standing/Seated Straddle 4:00
Run 8:00 moderate back

Find a comfortable, conversational pace on the run right from the beginning. This should be recovery after the hard workout from today. After you go out 8:00, lightly stretch for 4:00. Take deep breaths and passively sink into the position. Once the 4:00 is up, head back where you came from.

Demo Videos

Calf Raises, Bodyweight:
Classic Calf Stretch:
Front-to-Back Hops:
Side-to-Side Hops:
Lateral Jump Over Object:
Standing Straddle:


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