Wednesday 5/13/2020

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WOD 05/13/2020

At-Home WOD (no Zoom or in-class offering)


Today we have a workout designed for quality, consisting of two explosive movements and one core exercise.

Remember- each of these sets is for quality, with no rush between movements or sets — take your time! To hit a max vertical jump, use your entire body, not just legs and hips. Drop your arms straight down as you descend into a quarter squat, then reverse the motion with urgency and reach straight up with your arms. If you don’t warm up properly, the explosiveness may cause pain in your hands/arms — so just be aware.

For those in a level that calls for handclap push-ups (Purple and above), know that you’ll need momentum to complete this movement. Slowly descend to the bottom, then immediately reverse the motion. As you reach arm extension, extend your wrists to get that extra “oomph” you need. If you can’t complete a clean clap, stop! When explosiveness dies and hands are off the ground, your face may be the next thing to hit it.

Also, be very mindful of your wrists when you land — do not strain yourself! Keep quality at the top of your mind. Move smooth through the tuck-ups.


2 Rounds of:
Glute Bridges
•10 Leg Swings ea/s/way
2 Rounds of:
20 sec
Bent Hollow Hold
•10 Push-ups OR Box/Chair Push-ups


10 Rounds for Quality:
•1 Max Height Vertical Jump
•8-10 Push-ups OR Clapping Push-Ups (Purple and above)
•3-6 Tuck-ups
NOT for time — take each set/rep seriously.


After a tough, quality workout like today’s…go outside, play catch with someone, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Demo Videos

Glute Bridges:
Leg Swings:
Bent Hollow Hold:
Box Push-ups:
Vertical Jump:
Clapping Push-ups:


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