Wednesday 5/6/2020

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WOD 05/6/2020

Zoom WOD (Live at Noon and 6pm)


Today we have 2 alternating EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute) with a 3:00 rest between them.

The first EMOM starts with a combo of strict presses and push presses. Pick a weight that allows you to stay unbroken throughout, with smooth movements. Pause at the top of each rep, fully locked out in order to show control and to work on overhead stability. Although 12 straddle pulses will be quick, they will be the most difficult movement in today’s workout. Focus on full core engagement in order to control the subtle leg movement. It helps to press your fingers into the ground.

The second EMOM will require much more breathing than the first. Choose a weight for your deadlifts that can be done unbroken, but still tough, through all 5 rounds. On both the burpees and deadlifts, shoot for the higher end of the rep range. If it starts to take you longer than 40 seconds, drop the reps.


8 Minutes (smooth movements):
Wall Slides
•15 Goodmornings (bodyweight)
•10 Scap Push-ups
•10 Cat-Cows


10-Minute EMOM, Alternating Between:
•5 Strict Presses + 10 Push Presses
•8-12 Straddle Pulses

Rest 3:00

10-Minute EMOM, Alternating Between:
•10-12 Deadlifts
•8-10 Burpees Over Object


3:00-4:00 in each of the following:
Couch Stretch (ea/s)
Classic Triceps and Lat Stretch (ea/s)
Pigeon Stretch (ea/s)
Extended Child’s Pose

Demo Videos

Wall Slides:
BW Goodmorning:
Scap Push-ups:
Strict Presses:
Supine Knee Raises:
Push Presses:
Straddle Pulses:
Burpee Over Object:
Couch Stretch:
Classic Triceps and Lat Stretch:
Pigeon Stretch:
Extended Child’s Pose:


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