What’s the Hybrid Membership?

Introducing a New Membership Option: The Unlimited Hybrid

Starting in July we’ll be offering two new membership OPTIONs that combines two different elements:

  • Group Class – Where the Magic and Fun is
  • Personal Training – Where we get after GOALS

It’s called ‘hybrid’ because that’s the definition of hybrid 🙂 – “a thing made by combining two different elements.

Who’s Hybrid Membership For?

EVERYONE. Seriously. It’s why I asked Jay and he immediately responded with a green light. We discounted the prices to make it affordable and thus doable. BOOM.

    1. Want to work on goals before a workout?
    2. Would you rather work on goals after the workout?
    3. Would you rather incorporate the goals into a private workout?
    4. Literally – what do you want?
    5. What are your dreams in this endless journey of fitness and life?

Seriously, get a piece of paper. Get off your phone. Get away from distractions and start what’s called ‘brain vomiting’ on paper.

Sounds dumb? Too good for it? Too good for xy or z? Check that ego. Check it NOW.

For until the end there is no end and that’s why I’m all about GETTING AFTER IT.

This isn’t designed to replace a group training day but to enhance it.

I see the program weekly and tiny tweaks = big changes.

Are you a person who:

  • Wants to CRUSH Fitness Goals (ON THE REG) in
    • 1 on 1 or small like-minded groups
      • Once a week + CrossFit Groups
      • Twice a week + CrossFit Groups
        • WITH THE INTENTION of:
    • Working on WEAKNESSES
      • Understanding = Perspective
    • Prioritize and Execute Goals in a Efficient Manner
      • Time is our most valuable commodity
      • Allow over 10,000 hours of experience in the fitness game to maximize your Goals
      • I can explain things well – Ever teach a Marine to breath a SCUBA tank and egress from a completely submerged apparatus in a pool upside down? 2 years of practice 🙂
        • That took some time to figure out but figure it out I did because
        • The Obstacle is the way
  • Want to increase performance across all fitness tasks?
    • We’ll be talking about GOALS a lot
      • Nutrition, Life, Fitness, Financial…whatever
      • You’re a person and so am I…I just happen to be in an area of VERY limited distractions for the past 11 years…
  • Want to get mentally tougher?
    • CrossFit is mentally tougher than physical
    • You only get better but it never gets easier
    • The most bizarre things occur when the ego turns from negative to positive
    • I know you have demons and I do to – let me show you how to respect them instead of want to destroy them
  • Want to increase skills in X, Y or Z?
    • Get stapled in a workout yet?
    • Still wondering why? Still upset?
    • Don’t be, that’s the point of CrossFit – to prepare you for anything
    • Want to get better – Good – Get Better
      • Just remember there’s a smart way and a ‘tough’ way 😉
  • Save Money?
    • This was a big one for me as we all know C.R.E.A.M is a reality in the 21st century
    • The value of Unlimited + Personal Training is a savings of
      • $48 for the Unlimited and 4x a month Package
      • $116 for the Unlimited and 8x a month Package
    • Remember, it’s not a for life thing – if you don’t like it then change anytime.
      • But we’d have a fight club if we did…a really awesome one

The irony is it’s more enjoyable when you know – not think – know how X, Y or Z is performed.

So there you have it. It starts in July. Want to party hardy?

I’ll be releasing more posts about the whys and whats in the coming days/weeks.

Here’s a funny video of Drunk History and Lewis and Clark 🙂

Gymnastics Course Going Down July 17th!

10 Spots left? Interested? Find out more about this FUN program HERE! 🙂


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