Who Might This Affect?

Since we’ve opened our intake process has changed quite dramatically.

We always knew best practice was to introduce new members to us, to CrossFit, and to a new environment in a 1-on-1 setting.

The next big change was adding the consultative step. This was huge.
This is where I get to ask “What do you want?, What are your goals?” before even mentioning a word about how we can help get there.

Maybe your goal is to be an elite powerlifter; compete in a bodybuilding show; or flex in the mirrors and show everyone you’re the strongest guy (or girl…but let’s be real, usually it’s the guys doing this) in the building.

In those cases- can we help you? Maybe. But we’re probably not the best option or the best fit- so I’ll recommend somewhere else.

To me, it’s irresponsible to say that we’re the best solution before we even know what you want (or need).
You don’t walk into the dentist and just get your face drilled before they check you for cavities? Can you imagine that?

More recently, I’ve been digging a little deeper.
Why are these goals important to you? Who, other than you, would accomplishing these goals affect?

At first, some aren’t sure how to answer. And one time I got an absolute blank stare. Like not just for a second…I usually like to pause and let the person think for a second, but it became pretty clear there was no response coming. Tad bit awkward. So we just moved on and looked at the intro options.

More often than not, it takes the conversation to a deeper level and I continue to learn about the person sitting next to me.
“Oh, if I can drop this 20lbs my husband will be so happy…he won’t have to hear me complain that I don’t look good in any of my clothes! Even though he already says I look great”
“Jay, if I can lose this back fat I’ll feel comfortable taking my shirt off at the beach. I want my kids to have a confident role model for a father.”
“I’ve been a little irritable at work. If I feel better about myself I probably won’t be verbally abusing (said in jest) my co-workers as much.”
“Jay, I’m a Mom with 3 kids. When Mom is happy- everyone is happy.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. I want you to think about why these things are important and what sort of affect they can have aside from the obvious of looking and feeling better. I want you to project six months into the future and visualize success. I want you to develop an emotional attachment to those feelings so that when things get tough or busy (and they will), that you’re able to overcome whatever stands in your way.

This gym most certainly is not what it a year ago- nor will it be a year from now.
We’re getting better. Our level of care is deepening.
It might look like squats, pushups, and rowing- but it’s so much more.


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