Why Gymnastics – Part 1 – What are Motor Skills?

Nutrition is the base, Metabolic Condition is our ‘GO’, Gymnastics is the beginning of awareness…

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A motor skill is simply an action that involves your body using his muscles.

Gymnastics is any skill we do that involves our body and gravity. That’s a lot of movements!

Gross motor skills are larger movements we make with our arms, legs, feet, or entire body.

For instance, crawling, running, and jumping are gross motor skills.

Fine motor skills are smaller actions such as typing, texting and even reading a text…posture is BIG in gymnastics!

Notice in the following pictures: Before being competent in our motor learning and After…just like watching a baby learn to walk we must learn to exercise properly!

Cycling repetitions is important in exercise!

Gymnastics is high repetition in Speed-Strength & Speed-Endurance exercises involved in Metabolic Conditioning workouts…It pays to be efficient!.

Notice the reaction time in just 2 REPS before and after training!

Generating POWER is important!

This is WHY we do box jumps, which are a Gymnastics movement!



We train our eyes and awareness before we do anything in gymnastics!

Do you like to lift weights? Then you should get after understanding this picture!

There are typically 2 phases in lifting…ever hear of time under tension?

We want to minimize that! We want efficiency EVERY rep and every set!

Gymnastics make everything easier because you are starting with YOUR body first.

Better on the inside (via Gymnastics) literally = Better at everything with an external object like Weightlifting (the next step AFTER gymnastics!).

It’s all about awareness and it begins with simplicity!

Effort is BLUE

Gravity is RED

A straight line is IMPOSSIBLE; however, the straighter our line, that we learn to make with intent will forever pay you dividends on your fitness journey.

The 3 Stages of Motor Learning

Now that we KNOW…not think but know motor learning in gymnastics is really important lets quickly discuss the HOW.

It’s important to be familiar with three stages of motor learning in order to effectively teach others motor skills to others.

The three stages of motor learning are the cognitive, fixation and autonomous phases.

The cognitive phase is the first phase and involves the person being introduced to an unfamiliar motor skill:

  • The person must identify what actions need to be taken in order to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Performance is usually inconsistent; however, the performance gains are generally larger than any other stage in the learning process

This stage is where we’ll spend the first few sessions cleaning up tiny things that we’ve habitually been doing ever since we started exercise.

Little cues with the hand, feet and eyes typically create drastic results!

Tiny Tweaks = Big Changes

We do this by mastering the mundane and being consistent:

The fixation phase is the second stage of motor learning.

In this phase the individual becomes more consistent in their performance because they have determined the most effective way of accomplishing the task and start to make more precise adjustments.

Performance in the particular motor skill improves more gradual and can last for much longer than the cognitive phase.

This is the phase I get all kinds of fired up!

The student becomes the teacher!

  • You’ll be making changes on your own.
  • You’ll be more aware every repetition.
  • You’ll know a ‘good’ rep from one that needs improvement.
  • You”ll know what self-correction you need to make.

As a coach, this is as rewarding as it gets!

Practice makes Permanent!

Think Progress not perfection.

The final stage is called autonomous because the skill has seemingly become automatic in a sense.

The individual can perform the motor skill effectively and repetitively with consistent results.

The individual is aware of what is to be done and how the skill is performed.

Just like Neo in the Matrix…you will have ‘downloaded’ the skill!

And just like Morpheus, I’m going to ask you to constantly, “Show me.”

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We are only limited by our doubts:

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You can do ANYTHING.


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