Why Level Method is a game changer for Loco

We are always looking at the best ways to improve what we’re doing, and how we can provide an even better experience. It’s important to constantly evolve and evaluate how we can be better.  Just like we tell all of you, our members!

We’ve had an eye on the Level Method for years, met with its founder and developer, spent multiple hours researching, interviewed multiple gyms, and truly believe it is a game changer in the CrossFit world.

We are FIRED UP to implement the Level Method, and confident it will be an amazing addition to the Loco community.  Be sure to sign up for your Level Method account (it’s free for you) here if you haven’t already: https://app2.levelmethod.com/login

What is the Level Method?

The Level Method is a levels based system that measures your overall fitness by assessing 15 different categories. It’s a better way to objectively measure different areas of fitness to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Think about it as a martial arts belt system for fitness.

There are multiple categories/assessments, some examples being: Lower Body Push, Upper Body Pull, Lactic Tolerance, Rowing, Weightlifting, and Flexibility. From the very beginner to the super advanced, there is a place for everyone. You’ll get an individual level for each category, and once you have completed all categories, you will get an overall level.

You’ll also be given a breakdown of your relative strength (your strength relative to your body weight) as well as your objective strength (how much can you squat bro).

Finally you’ll see an ‘Energy Systems Breakdown’.  This is a topic for another whole blog post, but essentially this is a measure of raw strength/power, stamina, and cardiovascular endurance.  Keep an eye out for another post and/or video from Coach Jay on this piece.

Once we know your level and finish our month of assessments, you’ll see our new programming format.  Each time you come in for a WOD you’ll see 5 different versions of the same workout, all color coded.  You’ll do the version that corresponds to your level!  Each day you’ll see a ‘levels consideration’ section in the programming.  This will tell you which categories the workout is aiming to improve.  Your overall level is based on your lowest level (you get a bonus bump up in your 2 weakest categories!), so the fastest way to level up is to work those weaknesses!

Why are we doing it? How will it benefit me?

Ever heard of Pokemon?!  We’re turning fitness into a real life video game, except the character we’re leveling up is you!  We’re going to get you addicted to health and fitness and make getting better irresistible.  We’ll have promotion ceremonies and make you feel like the badass you are.

The system gives a clear picture of your current ability level and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  It’s also going to help a ton with how to modify/scale correctly each day.

Level Method is the best way for our coaches to recommend the ideal path to reach your goals. Which specialty programs should you do?  Want to attend an Olympic Weightlifting clinic put on by Coach Carly specifically for Orange level Weightlifters?  THis is the kind of thing Level Method allows us to do.  CrossFit is unparalleled in its ability to improve quality of life when it is implemented properly under the watchful eye of a caring coach. Level Method will help us better know our clients and make our service even better!

How will it be implemented?

Beginning Monday August 12th we’ll have a month long assessment cycle.  Assessments will be done in all regular CrossFit classes over the course of the month.  There are tons of opportunities to make up missed workouts, so no worries if you can’t make a certain day.  There are also alternate workouts to complete if you already completed the assessment scheduled for that day.  Every Saturday through assessments will be a ‘make up day’ and or open gym.

We’ll be releasing the weeks assessment schedule over the weekend each week so you can plan your workouts to hit all 15 assessments.  Our goal is to get 60% of the gym with all 15 assessments completed.  Do your best to help us get there!  Here’s next weeks schedule:

  • Monday- Front Squat, Upper Body Pull, Lactic Tolerance
  • Tuesday- Rowing or Running
  • Wednesday- Deadlift, Upper Body Push, Upper/Lower endurance
  • Thursday- Aerobic Power Intervals
  • Friday- Weightlifting, Rings, Squat Endurance

Every 4 months we will have designated “assessment days” and will work to gauge our levels, or see if we can improve. We will also have certain days where we will do a single assessment in our regular programming. For example, a 1RM Deadlift day would be a good chance to level up.

How is this a game changer?

  • Accurate representation of current fitness level
  • Shows improvements in multiple areas
  • Visible path of where to improve & set goals
  • Clear communication and guidance from coaches
  • Meshes perfectly with what we are currently doing
  • Better understanding of “why” behind training
  • Ensures correct safety & development
  • Scientifically developed & tested

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