Why you should do a Nutrition Challenge?

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We recently hosted a 28-day ‘Fit4Fall’ Nutrition Challenge where our participants got a kick-start on nutrition knowledge, accountability and tools to make life-long sustainable habits.
After the challenge we asked a few questions:

Q: What were you struggling with before you signed up for our nutrition program?

A: “Prior to starting with Locomotion in August, I had a very unhealthy relationship with food.  There were times I was scared to eat, other times, I found comfort in all the wrong foods in unhealthy amounts and quantities.  After I joined Locomotion, I cleaned up my diet a lot.  I cut out most processed foods, gave up soda and alcohol, and made sure to get more veggies and proteins.  But I was still afraid of over eating.  I didn’t want to waste my workouts by consuming too many calories.  So many people preach that carbs are the devil, fat will make you fat, but you can’t eat JUST meat, finding balance and the right information was hard and overwhelming, especially when trying to depend on your own research.”  

“Some things are Google-worthy, but I know now that nutrition is not.”

Q: What was different about our nutrition program compared to plans or diets you’ve tried in the past?

A: “You encouraged me to eat!  And not just eat, but eat more than what I was!  I learned that healthy carbs fuel my body.  Protein within a half hour of those intense workouts helps in the process of building muscle.  I learned that I need to eat/drink something before working out (still working on that, it’s been trial and error with finding what won’t make me sick). I never felt limited. There were no points that made no sense, no eliminating all the carbs and eating pounds of bacon. This program made sense. There has been so much open communication within the app from coaches and other participants that are so helpful. The support is amazing. There’s no judgement, which helps so much.”

Q: Take us to the moment when you realized our nutrition program was actually working to solve your problem.

A: “After the end of the second week, I realized I felt better.  I used to HATE meal prepping. But as I was prepping that weekend, I was looking forward to it.  It was part of my routine. I was feeling the positive physical and mental effects. I’ve even had a couple of co-workers and family members tell me that they noticed that I was more positive and seemed healthier. Having those comments from those who I have brief interactions with just added confirmation that this change has been for the good and it’s working!”

Q:Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or being solved.


A: My workouts aren’t as draining and though they still kick my butt, I don’t feel like I am unable to finish. My days are long, especially on CrossFit/Bootcamp days, and I notice that I no longer feel that mental fatigue in the middle of the day.  I’m still sleepy by the time that I get home, but that’s simply because of how early I get up (3:45 a.m. on workout days, 5:15 the other two days). I have more energy.


I used to dread doing things on the weekends because it was my only time to rest but the last couple of weeks, we’ve gone to the park for a few hours, or walked around the market downtown, I don’t feel like my “rest” is being impeded upon. I have so much motivation to not only reach personal goals, but to get knowledge out to people. 


I’m going to talk with a couple of our VPs at work to try to get a wellness plan in place for our company.  I’m taking a class right now at work, “Emerging Leaders”, and we’re supposed to come up with a game plan that we bring into fruition. Introducing a good, sustainable wellness program is mine. 


When I brought it up to our HR department, they said there was no room in our budget for that and when we had a plan before (a membership at Planet Fitness), hardly anyone used it. But I know for a fact that we budget for so many sick hours, we budget for not-so-great healthcare, so why not budget for this?


I recently told one of our VPs while in a meeting that when we feel better, we perform better.  We are better at home, at work, in so many aspects. I can personally vouch for that. 

You can give out all the big box gym memberships, but if  you’re not giving people education and guidance, they’re not likely to keep up with it. It can be scary, it can be overwhelming.  Planet Fitness won’t hold you accountable to show up or make better decisions outside of the gym, especially with their Tootsie Roll buckets on the counters.


Sorry, I got on a soapbox for a moment, but it’s knowledge worth knowing and it could save someone’s life.  I never understood how much so until I started making these changes.


I’ve always loved working out, but I never had good guidance on my nutrition and that is the game-changer. Adjusting my nutrition, learning what to eat more of and what to limit, snacking with purpose rather than mindless, bored snacking, has made a difference. I no longer feel guilty for eating. I actually look forward to lunch because I get a Mason meal!


I’m excited to see the scale go down, but I’m excited for my PRs, whether it’s adding 10 lbs to my deadlift, or being able to run a little further than I could before, or going two months without eating candy or not being afraid of being weird when turning down alcohol when it’s pushed my direction. I’m proud of those moments and for the first time in a while, I’m proud of myself.”

We’re REALLY proud of you, too! Keep up the amazing work Christina, we are excited to watch you keep crushing your goals!


Interested in learning more about nutrition? We’d love to sit down and talk with you!

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